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Caskets and Urns


We provide a wide range of caskets, take a look through our gallery to see some of the options we have available.


Ashes Urns

We are happy to care for your loved ones ashes after the funeral to give you time to consider the most appropriate final resting place.

There are many options in regards to the final disposition of your loved ones ashes, these include:

  • Scattering of the ashes

  • Placing them in an Urn (to keep at home until a later date)

  • Burial in a Cemetery Ashes Plot


You can scatter ashes just about anywhere these days, yet there are a few things to consider when thinking about scattering ashes. Make sure you have permission from the land owner.

Ashes may be scattered anywhere as long as permission is sought from the owners of the land. This includes public areas which will have a local Authority managing things.

When scattering in the sea or lakes, it is worth considering others who also have an interest, either cultural or recreational, in the area. The only drawback with scattering ashes is there is no way to memorialize the site (erect a plaque or headstone). The other concern is that you may not have access to that area in the future.

Ashes Urn

Some families like to keep ashes until they have decided on a final resting place for them. Here at VJ Williams we have a range of urns that the family can choose from in order to keep them safe. Alternatively we can store the ashes here.

We have a range of wooden, metal and ceramic urns to choose from. To help you with your decision have a chat to one of our friendly staff.


One of our team can arrange to meet you at our monument showroom in either Te Kuiti or Ōtorohanga. We also have an online gallery that you can browse. 


Interring ashes is becoming increasingly popular with many people. There are many options for placement of ashes and many cemeteries have specific ashes plots that allow the erection of a granite plaque, or a small headstone.

Having a plot for your loved ones ashes gives family and friends somewhere they can go and feel close to the one they have lost.

Ultimately the decision belongs to the family of their loved one. If you would like any further advice or have any questions, please feel free to come and see us.

Ashes Urns
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